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WoW: Mists of Pandaria (Blizzard)

World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria – New expansion announced – Blizzcon2011 – day 1 – Battle.Net (Blizzard’s official info) – WoWWiki – (Official Wiki info)


WoW: MoP

New race: Pandaren

New class: Monk

New Continent: Pandaria

Level cap increased to 90!

Challenge mode dungeons

PvE Scenarios

Pet Battle system

New Talent system

October 21st, 2011

How to install Windows 7

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A how-to installation in pictures of Windows 7 x64 bit

I’ll be doing this inside of a virtualbox, but its the exact same thing if its on a real computer.

Step1: load your Windows7 DVD in to your computer and (re)start your machine. If the BIOS settings are set correctly it should boot your DVD instead of your hard disk. If that goes well the installation will begin. For a brief moment you will  see a message saying ‘Loading files’ and then the windows7 logo with ‘Loading’.

You thought having an antivirus system is enough? Wrong!

Most antivirus systems these days barely stop all of the malicious (bad&nasty) software which is floating in the big river called  Internet, such as, but not limited to, trojans, rats, worms, tracking cookies, malware, spam and so on.

Yes, there are plenty of anti virus and anti-malware and anti-whatever, and I’ve tried most of the well known ones. I usually test a dozen of different security enhancing apps each year and these are the ones that you MUST have. And the best part? They are all free (ofc. they have a payed version)! And they are:

October 13th, 2011

Chalga explained

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A definite must-read for everyone who wish to know a bit more about Bulgaria – its music, culture and… cancer.

This is a very deep explanation of the Bulgarian music syndrome called Chalga, featuring the silicone abusing porn actresses singers such as Azis, Katy, Rado the Pinecone, Andrea and also the evil ruler of them all – Mityo Paynera. Also an explanation of the Mutri.
A Bulgarian translation of the main article can be found here [click]

Have you ever wondered how to or just had to check all of the connections coming to your computer, going out from it or just running locally?

This guide will explain to you how to do this on almost all OS (Operating Systems). We will be using the famous command NETSTAT (stands for NETwork STATistics).

This technique works both on WindowsOS (XP, vista, 7, etc.), Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Backtrack, etc.) and MacOS . I’ll explain first how to do it on Windows, then on some Linux based distributions such as Ubuntu and OpenSuse and lastly on MacOS.