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November 7th, 2012

Less Common HTTP/1.1 Status Codes

Stuff, by admin.
  • HTTP 201: Extra successful!
  • HTTP 220 (The Clooney): Same as 200 with a little something in there for your trouble.
  • HTTP 235: Successful, but user is probably a lesbian.
  • HTTP 309: This ain’t your kind of website, bro. Try the blog around the corner, or bring a pretty lady next time.
  • HTTP 403: ERROR Too much Palatino.
  • HTTP 420: Uhh…. Like- wait. What did you ask for?
  • HTTP 450: It’s past your bedtime. go to sleep.
  • HTTP 451: Seriously man, not funny. How many people are even going to get what you’re talking about?
  • HTTP 452: Or should I say, how many people are going to get this who aren’t MOUTH BREATHING HYPERNERDS, like you?
  • HTTP 453: Yes. I understand you had hopes for this idea when it occured to you, 90 seconds ago. “Server responses that are improbable and funny.” Cute.
  • HTTP 454: Go to sleep.
  • HTTP 455: Just … give me the mouse. Slowly …
  • HTTP 456: Good, now

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