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October 21st, 2011

How to install Windows 7

How-to, Windows, by admin.

A how-to installation in pictures of Windows 7 x64 bit

I’ll be doing this inside of a virtualbox, but its the exact same thing if its on a real computer.

Step1: load your Windows7 DVD in to your computer and (re)start your machine. If the BIOS settings are set correctly it should boot your DVD instead of your hard disk. If that goes well the installation will begin. For a brief moment you will  see a message saying ‘Loading files’ and then the windows7 logo with ‘Loading’.

Step2: A panel asking you to choose your language, time, etc. will appear. Proceed by clicking next if you do not wish to change anything, otherwise – change them.

Step3: After clicking it you need to simply click on the button Install now.

Step4 : You will see a message saying ‘Setup is starting…’ and after that a window asking you to agree to Microsoft’s license terms. Read them *cough* and click next.

Step5: You will be prompted to either upgrade from previous system or start a clean instal. In my case I have no other previous installation of windows so I clicked Custom.  A new window will ask you where exactly to install it. Choose it and click Next. If you don’t see your drive click Refresh. Clicking on Drive options (advanced) will give you a more advanced look of your hard disk and will allow you to either split it or merge it or create new different partition.

Нотe that if you choose custom installation instead of an update all of your data will be lost on the selected partition.

Step6: Windows will now begin the installation of your Windows7 copy. The time for this depends from your DVD ROM, DVD quality, the connection (the cables) from your DVD ROM to your motherboard, your hard disk(HDD/SSD). You might see some fish at one moment xD It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Once everything is done it will restart and you will be prompted to input a username and a PC name.

Step 7: Once that is done you will need to provide your key registration number and click Next.

Done! You are now ready to use Win7! It’s much easier than WinXP installation.

You can read this article in Bulgarian language here.

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