How to fix Cyrillic text on Windows 7

Have you had trouble seeing Cyrillic letters/fonts on Windows 7 (x64 Ultimate in our case)? Have you seen weird symbols instead of Cyrillic letters in some if not all programs? The way to fix this is by telling your computer how to handle letters which are not unicode, meaning, to tell the computer that the font which it is showing is in Cyrillic. To do this, click the Start menu button (see image 1), then from the Control Panel choose the Change display language from the Clock, Language, and Region. From there click on the Administrate tab and hit on the Change system locale… (you will need administrative privileges). Once there choose your language (country), in our case (see image 2) its Bulgarian (Bulgaria) but you may as well choose Russian if you are from Russia. Click OK. You will need to reboot (restart) your machine so the changes can take effect. Or in 5 easy steps: 1. Click on Start menu 2. Choose Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region -> Change display language 3. Click Administrate tab -> Change system locale… 4. Choose your Cyrillic based language -> Ok 5. Restart your PC Done! That’s it, a clean and small guide on how to fix such a major issue. No idea why windows 7 has no cyrillic letters support by default… (you can read,as always, a translation of this text on Bulgarian language here.)