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October 24th, 2011

How to customize Google

How-to, by admin.

Google, stop interrupting me while I’m typing! You are like a girlfriend, lol.

How to stop Google from automatically refreshing your page while you are writing your search query?

This feature of Google is rather annoying in my opinion, but thank God there is a way to stop this! I’m talking about the Google’s InstantSearch – it changes the search results window on each keystroke.

Go to and scroll down to Google Instant. From there simply click on the checkbox “[x] ” and click Save preferences (right bottom). Done.

Google, stop keeping a history of what I search! It’s annoying to delete several histories!

By default Google keeps a history of everything you have searched and everything you have visited! But only for the logged-in users. So either search without being logged in or go to you will see a message saying “Web History is on”. Simply cilck on the button saying “Pause” and its done!

Google, show me all pictures, even the notty ones! (I’m such a pervert)

To disable the maturity filter when searching and using the GoogleImage search (xD) go to SafeSearch Filtering and click on the checkbox “[x] Do not filter my search results”. Done.

Google, how can I use your ImageSearch better?

Write in the ImageSearch box a name. Then write 500×500. You will see the search query with such dimensions (500×500). Read about this here.

(You can read this post in Bulgarian language here.)

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