BlooPlace – IT Blog


What is this blog about?

IT stuff. It has information, guides, tutorials and more, regarding various subjects in the IT world, such as PCs, programming, news and so on.

What is the purpose of this blog?

Educational. I have this idea (only time shall answer the question if its a good or a bad one) that I can help people with my tips and guides.

Why did you began writing?

There are many reasons. Starting from pure boredom and having the huge amount of free time (when not studying for exams), combined with the annoyance from answering the same old questions which my buddies ask me, led me to make a blog, thus with a single link of a blog post which I have already done, I can answer the person much faster and better.

Why is there also a Bulgarian version of this blog?

There aren’t many guides or covered IT subjects written in Bulgarian. Also, not many Bulgarians speak fluent or good enough English in order to understand my posts. Thus this led me to make two independent versions of the website, on in English and one in Bulgarian. I plan to place a widget (plugin) which will allow you to translate any post in to any language, directly without using the Google Translator.

I wish to apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors caused by me rushing to finish an article and thus neglecting some minor problem. You can alert me for such a post via the contact form.

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