What I study:
( Computer Systems and Technologies at the Technical University of Varna, engineers degree, Bachelors 4years course )

Semester 1

Base Mathematics for Engineers
English Language
Web design
Programming Fundamentals
Electrical Engineering
Materials and Components in Electronics

Semester 2
Mathematics for Computing - Part 1
Fundamentals of Computer Electronics
Software Applications
Algorithms and Data Structures
Digital Logic

Semester 3
Mathematics for Computing - Part 2
System Analysis
Digital Electronics
Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals (C++)
Computer Organization
Synthesis and analysis of algorithms - project

Semester 4
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming (Java)
Discrete Structures
Programming Languages
Computer Peripherals
Object oriented programming - project

Semester 5
Computer Architectures
Graphics and Visual Computing
Data Bases
Computer Communications Fundamentals
Software Engineering

Optional course project
Discrete Structures
Object-Oriented Programming
Computer Peripherals

Semester 6
Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Instrumentation and Measurements
Microprocessor Systems
Internet Technologies

Optional course project
Computer Architectures
Computer Communications Fundamentals
Software Engineering
Data Bases

Semester 7
Embedded Systems
Compilers and Interpreters
Distributed Programming
Human - Computer Interaction
Multi-User Operating Systems
Laboratory exercises - optional disciplines from semester 6

Semester 8
Optional discipline from groups A or B
Optional discipline from groups A or C
Optional discipline from groups B or C
Optional discipline from groups A or B or C

Optional disciplines – group A

Programming Languages Semantics
Office Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Cryptography and Data Protection
Economics and Management

Optional disciplines - group В

Embedded Micro-controllers
Multimedia Systems
Real Time Systems
Object-oriented applications
Web Applications Development

Optional disciplines – group С

Data Storage Systems
Networks Administration
Computer Peripherals Diagnostics
E-Commerce Technology
Programmable Logic Design