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February 8th, 2013

Google Dorks – Understanding Google Search

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What is a Google Dork?

Google Dorks are nothing but simple search operators that are used to refine our search.

Okay so let’s pretend you’re wanting to search the world wide web for ebooks on the topic of ‘cooking’, most people would search google for “Cooking eBooks” or “eBooks on cooking”, etc. This usually results in clicking link after link to get to a valid download link.

November 7th, 2012

Less Common HTTP/1.1 Status Codes

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  • HTTP 201: Extra successful!
  • HTTP 220 (The Clooney): Same as 200 with a little something in there for your trouble.
  • HTTP 235: Successful, but user is probably a lesbian.
  • HTTP 309: This ain’t your kind of website, bro. Try the blog around the corner, or bring a pretty lady next time.
  • HTTP 403: ERROR Too much Palatino.
  • HTTP 420: Uhh…. Like- wait. What did you ask for?
  • HTTP 450: It’s past your bedtime. go to sleep.

May 27th, 2012

How to restrict the access to a web directory

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Sometimes when you are developing something and you don’t want anyone other than you to see it you need to restrict the access to it. You could just password protect it, which usually takes a few minutes to set up, but there is an alternative – you can just use the DENY setting in the htaccess files.

If you need to deny all access but permit only a certain IPs to the page:

March 22nd, 2012

WoW: MoP 5 Beta Download Error [fixed]

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If you are getting the error message

beta wow

Failed to download a required installation file ( Please check your internet connection and try again.

then simply rename your installation file WoW-5.0.0-Beta-enGB-Installer to World of Warcraft Beta Setup

This works for enus, ruru, engb, dede, frfr, itit, and so on.

wow beta

Have fun playing the new World of Warcraft :  Mist of Pandaria .

Yes, this is the leaked Beta client :P No, I’m not sharing any info (yet). Hint: Russians!

March 21st, 2012

How to change the background of an image seen with View Image in Firefox

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A guide on how to fix the annoying grey background and center image in Firefox 11

When you need to see an image better you right click and choose View image. Since 2007 we were seeing the image in the top left corner on a white background. Now ever since Firefox 11 that got changed to a centered image with grey layout. Personally I hate that this. Why should I see everything with a grey background (#333 to be exact, it may be seen as black on a non-well calibrated monitor)? Instead they should have placed an option at the Firefox options.